General Merchant Account Information

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Becoming A Merchant

To accept bank/credit cards for the payment for products and services a department must obtain a merchant ID. The merchant must follow all compliance, security standards and policies established by the bank, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council and Lehigh University. The university takes the responsibility of protecting cardholder data very seriously and is committed to maintaining compliance with the Purchase Card Industry Data and Security Standards (PCI DSS).  Departments currently accepting payment cards are required to actively work with the Treasurer’s Office to ensure compliance with PCI DSS.

All credit card processing arrangements require the approval of the Treasurer’s Office in Finance and Administration. To determine the appropriate credit card solution for your department, (Marketplace or a Payment Card Merchant Account) please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 610-758-3180.  


Establishing A Merchant Account

If a Payment Card Merchant Account is determined to be the best option, the next step is to see the section on Payment Card Policy and Procedures for detailed instructions, requirements and forms needed to request a new Payment Card Merchant Account.


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