Waiting List

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Who is eligible to apply for the Waiting List?

  • Students who would like to request a room change.

  • Students who did not participate, missed a deadline, or who were not eligible to participate in the Lottery or Housing Selection Processes for Housing.

  • Students who have documentation for a special housing accommodation on file at Housing Services who were not able to self select a housing space which meets their housing need.

  • Students who have been away due to a Leave of Absence and have submitted a request or have already been approved for readmission for the upcoming academic year.

What information will I submit on my Waiting List application?

  • What is your reason for applying (see above eligibility)?

  • Are you applying as an individual, group, or both. If you are only applying as a group, only 1 person needs to submit the application. The person submitting the application on behalf of a group must list all members within the group. Make sure you spell names correctly.

  • Do you want a single room/bedroom?

  • What is your gender preference for housing? Single gender, Coed, All Gender

  • Do you have an accommodation on file? This is a yes/no question. If you have one on file we can look it up. If you answer yes to this question and you do not have an accommodation on file, your answer will be changed. It is your responsibility to know if you have an accommodation on file? Questions about housing accommodations should be directed to the Office of Disability Support Services.

  • Is Building/Theme, Single room/bedroom, Gender preference (Single genderCoedAll Gender), or Roommate request most important to you?

  • Which is second most important to you?

  • You will be able to list a preference for up to 5 Building/Theme communities.

Waiting List Application (REGISTRATION OPENS May 5, 2022 at 12 noon) 

Please email all questions to inhouse@lehigh.edu and someone will respond.