Mission & Services

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We assist all levels of responsible officers (Board of Trustees, administrative officers, department heads and individual financial managers) to accomplish their management function that pertains to financial planning and budgeting by providing reliable and responsible services in the areas of budget development, execution, control, and performance review.


  1. Provide direct assistance to financial managers in developing budgets for their (non-research) indexes.
  2. Make budget changes (amendments) to budget indexes and line item account codes throughout the year.
  3. Authorize new indexes for unrestricted budget activities and special plant fund projects.
  4. Create and budget personnel positions for all indexes (except research).
  5. Approve or deny purchase orders on indexes that exceed the budget or fund balance available.
  6. Coordinate the development of the annual operating and plant fund budget.
  7. Maintain the university's multi-year financial model and develop special budget models.
  8. Coordinate budget policies and procedures in the framework of the university's financial administration.