About the Budget

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For more details, view FY 24 Budget Book

Where the Money Comes From
59.3% Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees from Undergraduate and Graduate students are more than $390 million. In addition to all tuition, this includes Distance Education and both mandatory and non-mandatory fees. Beginning in fall of 2024, Lehigh will provide a full tuition grant, scholarship or other tuition waiver (the family will pay no tuition) for undergraduate students from families with a total income of less than $75,000 (with typical assets), reinforcing our dedication to enrolling talented students.

14.6% Investment Earnings

Investment Earnings are more than $96 million. This represents the sum of short-term investment interest and the annual endowment earnings distribution.

9.4% Auxiliary

Auxiliary Room and Board total more than $52 million. Room revenue is received from students who reside in University housing and Board revenue is received from students who participate in a University Dining program. Additional information related to these charges can be found here https://auxiliaryservices.lehigh.edu/auxiliary-services-housing-dining-and-conference-services

Auxiliary Other totals more than $9 million. This revenue comes from a number of sources including Bookstore, Child Care Center, Debit Card Services, and Conference Services.

7.9% Other

Other Revenue is more than $52 million and includes a mix of different sources, including Athletics activities, Zoellner Arts Center activities, Indirect Cost Recovery, Government Funding for Financial Aid and transfers from Cash Reserves. 

6.4% Grants and Contracts

Grants and Contracts total more than $42 million. These include Federal, State and Local along with Ben Franklin Partnerships, Manufacturer’s Resource Center and Centennial School.

2.4% Gifts

Gifts for operations are more than $16 million. This amount does not include gifts for capital projects or endowments.

Where the Money Goes
44.8% Compensation

Compensation includes salaries and employee benefits and is more than $296 million. This category represents the largest cost for the university.

22.9% Financial Aid

Financial Aid totals more than $151 million.  Undergraduate Financial aid is more than $140 million and administered by The Office of Financial Aid. Graduate Financial Aid is more than $11 million and is administered by the individual Colleges. 

22.9% General Expenses

General Expenses are more than $151 million and are distributed amongst all campus side departments. This is an accumulation of expenses including, but not limited to, office operations, travel, equipment, and professional services.

6.8% Facilities

Facilities total more than $45 million and include building maintenance, utilities and plant preservation for all university buildings.

2.6% Debt Service

Debt Service is more than $17 million.