Budget Date Schedule

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FY 25 Schedule

Original Date


September / October

Establish budget process, initial modeling, vice presidents submit investment requests

November / December

Development of overall parameters

February 12

 Revenue & Expense budget materials distributed on campus

February 15

President prepares final budget parameters for submission to the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees

February 23

Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees recommends budget parameters

February 29

Board of Trustees approves budget paramenters

March 4

Salary budget materials distributed on campus

March 11

Revenue & Expense forms returned to Budget Office or electronic entry completed

March 18

Salary deliberations completed for academic and non-academic areas; new year salary information returned to the Budget Office

Week of April 8

Budget Office provides salary verification forms to vice presidents/deans

April 12

Salary verification forms returned to the Budget Office

May 21

Salary notification to individuals begins

July 1

Fiscal year begins