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Employee Retail Purchase Program with WB Mason

Effective April 6, 2015, the “Employee Retail Purchase Program” with WB Mason for Lehigh personnel is available. This program allows Lehigh employees to receive the Lehigh discount and zero shipping costs for personal purchases.

Program Details:

  • Visit wbmason.com to place your personal purchases, using the user name and password you received with your initial WB Mason “welcome” email.
  • All personal purchases must be ordered using your personal credit card, and tax will be applied. 
  • Deliveries will be sent directly to your Lehigh office.  Home deliveries cannot be accommodated.
  • As users are trained on the new Unimarket eProcurement system, users will make business purchases via the Unimarket system and can only use the external site (wbmason.com) for personal purchases.
  • Large items classified as “transactional furniture” like chairs will be ok to order.
  • For special orders (larger furniture products) you must contact WB Mason directly to place a purchase, arrange shipping, and these items cannot be ordered via the website.  Shipping charges may be applicable, as determined by WB Mason.
  • The contact for returns, special orders and other issues is Samantha Ramiall. Purchasing Services cannot facilitate personal purchases or returns.
  • Any new user should contact Sharon Zurick (shz3@lehigh.edu, x 83483) to have a profile set up.