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EV Charging Station Policy

Parking for Electric Vehicles at Lehigh University

An Electric Vehicle Charging Station has been installed in the Alumni Building Parking Pavilion Level 1 and is now available on campus for use by faculty, staff, students, alumni and visitors based upon the following guidelines:

  1. Charging your EV at Lehigh University is on a first-come, first-served basis.  We do not guarantee that a charging station will be available for participants' use.
  2. In order to use Lehigh University's EV charging stations, you must sign up at: www.chargepoint.com
  3. Lehigh faculty, staff, students and vendors with a valid Lehigh parking permit may use the charging station at the following rate: first 4 hours are free plus $2/hour thereafter.  In order to receive this rate, please email inpark@lehigh.edu to obtain the connections code.
  4. Non-Lehigh parking permit holders may use the charging station at the following rate: $1/hour for the first 4 hours plus $2/hour thereafter.
  5. Parking in the EV charging station stalls is restricted to vehicles plugged in for charging.
  6. EV charging station stalls may be closed for maintenance, construction, and special event parking without notice.
  7. The University assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to vehicles using the EV charging stations.

The EV Charging program is a pilot, and the policy and fees are subject to change in the future.

Etiquette for Shared/Limited Equipment

  • Don't charge if you don't need to.  Leave the spot free for another EV driver that might really need the charge.
  • Only occupy an EV charging spot while your car is being charged.  When the charging session is completed, unplug and move your car to free up the spot for another EV driver.
  • Wind the charging cord neatly and place it back on the charger or where no one can trip on it.