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Grad Student Permit Designations

CMS (Off-campus/Commuter):

Mountaintop student parking lots south of Iacocca Hall . No Parking in Faculty/Staff spaces. Parking in visitor spaces is allowed with permit.

GRS (RA/GA/TA's assigned to Asa Packer Campus, excluding Saucon Village and any other on-campus Residents):

RGT's assigned to Mohler Lab, Packard Lab, Drown Hall, Williams Hall, Coppee Hall, University Center, Chandler-Ullmann Hall and Christmas Saucon Hall will be parking in the Alumni garage.

RGT's assigned to STEPS, Maginnes Hall, Mudd Building, Whitaker Lab, Neville Hall and Sinclair Lab will be parking in the Whitaker parking lot.

GSC1 (RA/GA/TA's assigned to Taylor Gym (Athletics), Coxe Hall and Rathbone Hall):

Centennial I parking area located behind the Centennial I/Upper Cents complex.  No parking in Faculty/Staff spaces in front of Centennial I/Upper Cents.

GMS (RA/GA/TA's assigned to Mountaintop campus):

Mountaintop student parking lots south of Iacocca hall. No parking in Faculty/Staff Spaces. Parking in visitor spaces is allowed with permit.

SVS (Saucon Village Residents):

Saucon Village, the student commuter parking lot on the Mountaintop Campus and unlimited access to levels 2 to 4 in the Zoellner garage.

ZAS (RA/GA/TA's assigned to Lewis Lab (Physics), Sherman Fairchild Hall, Rauch Business Center (College of Business), Fritz Lab and Zoellner Arts Center):

Zoellner Garage -  Please present student ID card to gain entrance to the Zoellner Garage. Overnight parking is not permitted in the Zoellner garage - vehicles must be removed by 11 PM.

All permits are valid in UNRESERVED faculty/staff spaces Monday through Friday, from 4 PM to 6 AM, and on weekends.