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Payment of Violations and Fines

Fines can now be paid online, by visiting: go.lehigh.edu/parking

Student fines may be paid at the Parking Services Office until placed on the student's account at the Bursar's Office. After being placed on the student's bursar account, payment can be made at either Parking Services or the Bursar's Office. If a fine is not paid promptly, the student's credit and privilege of further registration at the University will be withheld until the fine or fines are paid.

Faculty and staff fines may be paid at the Parking Services Office until submitted for payroll deduction. To reduce administrative expenses, parking fines for all full time faculty and staff will be payroll deducted after the 30 day waiting period has expired. Payments of parking Fines from faculty and staff are not accepted at the Bursar's office.

Fines will not be deducted until the latter of:

    1. At least thirty (30) calendar days after the date of violation. -or-
    2. Until such time as the fine has been sustained by the Parking Appeals Committee, if an appeal was received within seven (7) working days of the date of the violation.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Gold Plus, Check, and Cash are accepted. If paying by check, please insure that your name, address and phone number are on the face of the check.