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Application Deadline: September 13, 2016.

Program Overview
Student Business Services gives Lehigh University’s undergraduate business students a hands-on experiential learning experience in business management and marketing. Students will work in teams and lead small businesses while learning invaluable experience – putting them ahead of their peers when they enter the work-force. 
Students will meet with program director on a bi-weekly basis to report progress. Teams/Projects will be evaluated based on goals achieved. Students will be asked to evaluate their team members as well as the program at the end of each semester and present a year-in-review report to UBS Executive Team.
Goals and Responsibilities 
The goal of Student Business Services is to:
  • Give students the opportunity to develop real-world, business management and leadership skills.
  • Enable them to build a strong resume through their experiences, measured success factors, and results of their efforts.
  • Prepare them for their careers through experiential learning. 
Examples of Responsibilities:
  • Set goals – financial or other
  • Develop business and marketing plans
  • Establish budgets
  • Conduct market research – surveys/focus groups
  • Implement all marketing strategies
  • Analyzing ROI and effectiveness of campaigns

Internship details:

  • Compensation - $10/hour
  • ~6 hours per week (must be available to meet 2-3 hours per week with team)
  • Fall and spring semester – with an opportunity to return in future years
How to Apply:
  • Please apply via LUCIE or e-mail resume AND cover letter to: Monika I. Samuelsson, MBA | Director of Retail Partnerships & Marketing | Lehigh University Business Services  |  mos513@lehigh.edu  |  610.758.4652