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Sustainable Purchasing Brings 100% Recycled Paper to LTS Public Computing Sites

Sustainable Purchasing Group Brings 100% Recycled Paper to LTS Public Computing Sites

After thorough analyses and negotiations involving multiple departments, LTS will now be using 100% recycled paper in all of its public computing sites. The implementation of recycled paper, an initiative under the Purchasing Sustainability group, is in support of the group's short term sustainability goals. It also meets the request made by the student community at Lehigh. We're proud to announce that, with help from LTS, we've been able to make this happen.

In order to provide LTS with recycled paper at a competitive price, Purchasing Services conducted an RFP process and evaluated cost, delivery, service capacity, historic order volumes, LVAIC pricing contracts, LTS' machines and storage capacity, and Printing and Mailing Services' machines. Printing & Mailing Services is also offering 100% recycled paper for campus customers as well. Please contact Printing & Mailing Services to place your order. Sustainable purchasing practices are a major focus for Purchasing Services and for Lehigh as a whole.