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Undergraduate Permit Designations

C1S (Centennial I)          

Centennial I parking area located behind the Centennial I complex. No parking in Faculty/Staff spaces in front of Centennial I.

C2S (Centennial II)         

Centennial II parking area located behind Taylor Gym. Look for the “Cent II parking permits” signs at the south-end of the lot. No parking in Faculty/Staff spaces.

CMS (Off-Campus/Commuter)

Mountaintop student parking lots south of Iacocca Hall. No Parking in Faculty/Staff spaces. No parking in visitor spaces at any time.

FSS (Farrington Square)   

Farrington Square Parking garage – LEVELS 4 & 5 ONLY. MUST GO THROUGH UPPER GATE. No parking in Faculty/Staff spaces in the Farrington Square garage at any time.

DVS (Dravo)     

Parking area located behind Dravo.  This permit is NOT valid in the Drinker Circle.

FRS (Fraternity/Sorority)            

Specifically assigned fraternity/sorority/hill parking lots.

MTS (M/M, Taylor, Drinker)      

Directly behind M & M and Taylor College, Dravo Drive to Drinker, Drinker Quad. No Parking in Faculty/Staff spaces on University Drive .

RDS (Richards) 

Parking lot located next to Richards.

SPS (Sayre Park Village)              

Sayre Park Village.

TPS(Trembley Park)     

Trembley Park main lot.

WSS (Warren Square)  

Warren Square North & South parking lots located at Montclair Ave. & Summit St., and the Brodhead Avenue & Summit Street parking lot.

ZACS Access        

Present Lehigh student ID card to gain entrance to the garage.


All permits are valid in UNRESERVED faculty/staff spaces Monday through Friday, from 4 PM to 6 AM, and on weekends. No parking in faculty/staff spaces Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 4 PM. No overnight parking in faculty/staff spaces. Students may not park in any student area other than the area(s) for which the permit was issued.