Vendor Parking Regulations & Permit Information

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All motor vehicles operated on any Lehigh University property, either regularly or temporarily, must be registered with Parking Services and are subject to all parking and motor vehicle regulations issued by the University. This includes motor vehicles owned by vendors, or any employee of any vendor, working for or on any Lehigh University property.

Registered vehicles may have only one parking permit displayed at a time. Operators must remove all outdated and expired permits and be sure the most recent parking permit is the one being displayed. If this is not done, a citation for Improper Display of a Permit may be issued.

All permits remain the property of Lehigh University and are non-transferable to other persons. Financial responsibility for each permit remains with the person to whom issued until returned to Parking Services.

Changes in license plates, additions, corrections or deletions must be reported immediately to Parking Services.

Vendor Parking Permits & Vendor Parking Availability

Vendors and vendor employees may park at:

Parking Meters

  • Available in various lots, the Campus Square Parking Garage and the Alumni Building Parking Pavilion.
  • The meter fee must be paid for the entire length of time that you are parked.
  • Brown & Gold meters have a 16 hour time limit.
  • Green meters have a 30 minute time limit.
  • Blue meters are reserved for vehicles displaying a current Handicapped plate or placard.
  • The current meter parking rate is $ 1.00 per hour.
  • Meters accept quarters, dimes, nickels, tokens and SmartCards (prepaid and refillable cards available for purchase at Parking Services and at the Bookstore).

Zoellner Parking Garage – by paying the daily entry fee of $4.00.

  • Accepts dollar bills, five dollar bills, quarters, and tokens.

Any non-reserved faculty/staff parking space by purchasing:

  • Scratch-off Hangtag available for $5.00 and valid for one day (but not at parking meters).
  • Vendor Monthly Parking Permit available for $ 25.00 per month.
  • Vendor Parking Permit available for $ 125.00 per calendar year (additional permits for additional company-owned vehicles are available for $ 62.50 per calendar year).

Additional parking policies that apply to vendors and vendor employees:

  • Vendors may not park in “handicapped” parking spaces unless the vehicle has a Handicapped plate or placard.
  • Vendors may not park in “reserved” or “medical permit” spaces at any time.
  • Vendor permits are valid Monday through Friday from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm unless prior arrangements are made with Parking Services.
  • Vendors may not reserve parking spaces without first consulting Parking Services.
  • Vendors may not block off parking spaces without first consulting with Parking Services.

To obtain a parking permit:

  • Visit the Parking Services office located on the ground floor of Johnson Hall.
  • Complete a Vendor Parking Permit request/registration form.
  • Show a valid state issued registration card for the vehicle being registered or a clear copy thereof.
  • Show a valid state issued picture ID.
  • Pay all outstanding parking citations and submit the required permit fee. We accept cash, check, Money Orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Other considerations:

Vendor permits are issued on a calendar year basis.

Lehigh University has limited parking resources available. Vendor permits are issued, and vendor employees are accommodated, as space allows. All vendors requesting a vendor permit will need to supply information as to the nature of their business with Lehigh University and parking permits may, or may not, be made available based upon consideration of the needs of the University and the availability of parking spaces in the areas frequented by the vendor. This will be particularly evident in areas with major construction. Lehigh University may not be able to issue parking permits for all vendors, or vendor employees, and reserves the right to do so at its sole discretion.

Except in emergency situations, Parking Services should be notified of any special projects at least one week in advance so that we can discuss and accommodate special requests and notify the Lehigh community. This is especially critical for academic areas during the academic workday. When the work is being done in any of the residence halls, fraternities and sororities, advance notice allows us to clear necessary work zones, alert residents and assist them with alternative parking.

Updated: 1/14/2014