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Controller's Office Calendars

The University's Fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30.


Payroll Calendars


Fiscal Year 2019

Monthly and Semi-monthly Pay periods & Due dates FY19

Bi-weekly Pay Periods & Web Time Due Dates FY19

Bi-weekly Pay Periods & Paper Timesheet Due Dates FY19


Accounts Payable Calendars

  • Accounts Payable checks are generated each business day. Please submit your payment requests at least one week before the date the check is needed.
  • Mailing of Form 1099-MISC will occur before January 31st of each year
  • Payment requests over $2,000 that pertain to the next fiscal year will be processed as needed but the expense will be deferred until the new year.


General Accounting Calendars


Month-End Close Calendars


(Forms in italics are under construction.)


Year End Close Calendar


Capital Asset Accounting Calendar

The physical inventory is done bi-annually based on a calendar year. Departments are notified in advance of their upcoming inventory.