Controller's Office Calendars

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The University's Fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30.


Payroll Calendars


Fiscal Year 2023

Bi-weekly Pay Periods & Due Dates FY23

Monthly Pay periods & Due dates FY23

Fiscal Year 2024

Bi-weekly Pay Periods & Due Dates FY24

Monthly Pay periods & Due dates FY24



Accounts Payable Calendars

  • Accounts Payable checks are generated each business day. Please submit your payment requests at least one week before the date the check is needed.
  • Mailing of Form 1099-MISC will occur before January 31st of each year
  • Payment requests over $2,000 that pertain to the next fiscal year will be processed as needed but the expense will be deferred until the new year.


Month End Close Calendars

(Forms in italics are under construction.)


Year End Close Calendar

  • Fiscal Year End 23-24 Close Calendar - PDF version
  • Google Calendar version (see below)


Capital Asset Accounting Calendar

The physical inventory is done bi-annually based on a calendar year. Departments are notified in advance of their upcoming inventory.