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General Accounting Forms

Read/Download procedures that accompany each form

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DO NOT USE this form for Research entries within these index ranges 2128xx, 529000-599999, 603500-603999, 606900-607499, 608xxx, 609550-611499, click here for processing information.



  • Request for Reimbursement Form - This is a three part form that can be used only by students, adjuncts and visiting employees.  Please have any expense reimbursement forms/backup that would have normally been taken to the bank sent to Accounts payable (via LU FileSender -- Drop-off your forms to inap@lehigh.edu.  A check will be sent to the requester, so they should include this with their supporting paperwork.
  • Postage / Petty Cash Request Form - This is a four part form that can be obtained by emailing Marlene Peltz at mmp207@lehigh.edu or Debbie Schreffler at das7@lehigh.edu