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Payroll Office
524 Brodhead Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Telephone: 610.758.3150
Confidential Fax: 610.758.6898
Email: inpayrol@lehigh.edu

Office Hours

Monday - Friday   8:15 AM - 4:45 PM

Robbyn Seier, Payroll Manager

Amy Temos, Assistant Payroll Manager


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The Payroll Office is moving on 3/1/18 to 306 S. New Street, Suite 464. Click here for details.


Staff Contacts

Departmental Time Report Questions Mary Ellen Kavanagh mek408@lehigh.edu 610.758.3150
Payroll Forms and Reports Mary Ellen Kavanagh mek408@lehigh.edu 610.758.3150
Hourly Wage Payroll Information Carmen Correa cic0@lehigh.edu 610.758.3151
Web Time Entry Maintenance Carmen Correa cic0@lehigh.edu 610.758.3151
Payroll General Policy and Procedures Robbyn Seier rls209@lehigh.edu 610.758.5525
Salaried Payroll Information (A-L) Amy Temos ajt207@lehigh.edu 610.758.3203
Salaried Payroll Information (M-Z) Evelyn Kovalovsky emk307@lehigh.edu 610.758.6896