Repayment of Loans

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Repayment of Loans

Bursar's Office Collections
27 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, PA 18015

The Bursar's Office Collections Department is responsible for the collection of money that was lent to students by the University. Loan types include Institutional, Private, and Perkins Loans. Questions regarding Direct Federal Loans or any other loans should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at 610.758.3181.

Interest Rates
Institutional Loans 7.0%
Perkins Loan 5.0%

Institutional Loans The first payment is due four months after the student leaves Lehigh. The minimum amount due per month is $50.00 plus interest. Start the online exit interview process at
Perkins Loan The first payment is due one year after the student leaves Lehigh. The payment amount is at least $120.00 quarterly. Start the online exit interview process at

The maximum length of time for $120 repayment of these loans is 10 years.
Note: University Accounting Service, LLC (UAS) is the company that Lehigh uses to begin the student loan exit counseling process. UAS is also the billing company for institutional and Perkins loans.

Loan Deferment

Your Institutional and Perkins Loans are deferrable if:

  1. you continue your education elsewhere at least halftime
  2. you leave for a semester and then return to Lehigh at least halftime
  3. you continue your education at Lehigh or elsewhere at least half time
  4. you join active military service (3 year maximum)
  5. you join the Peace Corps, VISTA or Action as a Volunteer (3 year maximum)

If you continue your education elsewhere, join active military service or join any of the other organizations listed above, contact the Collections Office for a form to have your loan deferred.

If you leave Lehigh for a semester but plan to return the next semester, contact the Collections Office. They will need to know the date you are leaving and the date you will return. You may be responsible for some loan repayment until you return.

Hardship deferments are available for borrowers with financial difficulties. You may be required to remit partial or interest payments. This type of deferment is reviewed semi-annually for continued eligibility. Please contact the Collections Office for a deferment form.

Perkins loans have these and other deferment options. As the options are contingent upon when your funds were borrowed, please contact the Collections Office for further assistance.

Please direct any questions to:

Office of the Bursar
Collections Coordinator
or email: