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The following notification was sent to the Spring 2024 Undergraduate students

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Important Information from Lehigh University Office of the Bursar regarding Spring 2024

Dear Parent, Student or Family Member:

Students: Please share this information with whomever is involved in paying your educational expenses.

We are writing to share important information about the billing process, payment options and financial obligations at Lehigh. Please read this information in its entirety to ensure that you are prepared for the billing statement and are ready to fulfill your financial obligations for your educational expenses. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in you being dropped from courses or being placed on hold for registering for future semesters. 


1. Billing statements: Payment due January 2nd

Spring billing statements will be available on the e-Bill suite the week of December 11th. Students and all authorized users will be notified via email when a new billing statement is available to view. The bill for the spring semester will be due on January 2nd.

IMPORTANT, Set up authorized user(s) – Students need to add any individuals who will be assisting with tuition payments as an authorized user on the e-Bill suiteThis should be completed by December 1st to ensure that all authorized users receive the Spring Semester billing notification.  Authorized users will have their own login credentials and are not permitted to log in using the student’s user ID and password. Individuals who will be assisting with tuition payments must be added as an authorized user on the e-Bill suite by the student in order to make online payments and view statements. 


2. Payment Options: Allow for adequate processing time to be received by the due date

  • Check/Online Check: Bills may be paid via check. Save time and money by taking advantage of the online check option available on the e-Bill suite. There are no fees for this service. Please note: You have the ability to schedule payments on the eBill suite to avoid late payments. Paper checks, money order, or cashier’s checks can be mailed to the Bursar’s Office.  Be sure to give adequate time when mailing a paper check. Please include the student LIN on check payments. Checks received after the due date are subject to a $200 late fee. 
  • 529 Payments: If you are paying your balance with funds from a 529 account, you should request the check no later than two weeks prior to the billing due date.  This will allow for adequate time for us to receive and process the payment. A $200.00 late fee may be assessed for a 529 payment that is not received by our due date. Please be sure to include the student’s name and Lehigh Identification Number (LIN) on the check.
  • Credit Card PaymentsCredit card payments are accepted and are handled through PayPath, a tuition payment service. This service allows you to make real-time Credit or Debit card payments to your student account. PayPath accepts most major Credit/Debit cards for your convenience. PayPath will charge you a non-refundable service charge of 2.95% (minimum of $3.00) which will be added to your card payment. Lehigh University does not receive any portion of this service charge. Please note that Lehigh accepts the online check payment option free of charge.
  • Wires- Convera and Flywire: Lehigh University has partnered with Convera (International and domestic students) and Flywire (International Students only) to offer our students the ability to make wire paymentsThese options allow you to pay securely from almost any country and any bank, generally in your home currency. Please visit our website for more information. Wire payments will not be accepted from other sources. 
  • Financial AidIf you are applying for additional loans to cover your outstanding balance, be sure to have all approvals in place 2 weeks prior to the billing due date to allow for processing by the financial aid office.  Alternative loans memoed to student accounts after the semester due date are subject to late payment fees. Any questions about financial aid eligibility or additional financing options should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid
  • Overpayments: Lehigh University will only accept payments to cover educational expenses that appear on your bursar account. Payments to your bursar account should be for tuition and related university expenses only. Lehigh cannot act as an intermediary between international and US bank accounts. Lehigh reserves the right to return any overpayments directly to the originating bank or the overpayment will be applied to future term charges.


3. Spring Semester Payment Plan (Optional): Enrollment in the payment plan is due by January 2nd to avoid a $200 late payment fee. We recommend enrollment when the semester bills are available the week of December 11th.

The Semester Educational Payment Plan (EPP) option allows you to spread the semester's balance over four equal payments. The payment plan option will be available when spring billing statements are available the week of December 11th.

  • A 25% down payment at enrollment (enrollment starts the week of December 11th)
  • 1st installment due 1/2,
  • 2nd installment due 2/1,
  • 3rd installment due 3/1

Please note: Your first 2 payments, your enrollment deposit and 1st installment, are due by January 2nd. There is a $50 application fee to participate in the EPP.  If you choose to participate, enrollment is required by January 2nd to avoid a $200 late payment fee. Enrollment after the January 2nd deadline will be charged a $200 application fee. A new payment plan must be completed each semester.


5. Refunds: Set up your bank account information to receive electronic refunds

In the event that your total credits (i.e. payments, financial aid, etc.) exceed your total billed expenses, you may be eligible to receive a refund.  We process refunds using the E-refund process in the Ebill Suite. All STUDENTS (authorized users do not have this capability) should set up their information in the Ebill Suite. Setting up your refund profile does NOT initiate your refund.


6. Meal Plan Changes: Recommended by December 1st

You are automatically assigned the meal plan you had during the fall 2023 semester. You may submit a change to your meal plan only if you plan to change or drop the meal plan you had during the fall semester.

Meal plan changes made prior to December 1 will be reflected in your spring billing statement.  Meal plan changes made after December 1 may not be reflected in your original semester bill. If the change results in additional charges to your account, the amount is due immediately. You may be placed on hold, possibly delaying your registration process, until the balance is paid in full. 




We hope you find this information helpful in your financial planning for the semester. If you have any further questions that are not addressed in this email, you can visit our website for more information.  You can also contact us via email at bursar@lehigh.edulive chat (available during normal business hours) or by calling us at 610-758-3160. 



 Regina McCormick

 Regina McCormick