Requesting a Late Payment waiver

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Late Payment Fees are assessed by the Bursar in accordance with Lehigh University policy.  If you have been charged a Late Payment Fee and feel that there are extenuating circumstances that would call for the fee to be waived,  please submit your waiver request within 90 days of the charge via DocuSign.

Please note:

This waiver form is only for Late Payment Fees assessed by the Bursar's office.  If you have been charge a Late Registration Fee or a Late Degree Application Fee, please contact Registration and Academic Services about their waiver process.  

Appeal decisions are final and will not be subject to further review.
The appeal committee will review requests once a month.  Please do not submit multiple requests.  Once the Bursar's office has reviewed your request, the DocuSign status will be "Complete" and you will receive a DocuSign notification via email.
Requests must be submitted by the Student using their Lehigh email address.  Requests submitted from non-lehigh email addresses will be rejected/voided.  

Please note the following before submitting a waiver request:

Please ensure that your account has been paid in full except for the late fee.  If you have not paid the amount for which the late fee was assessed, we will not consider a waiver request.  

If your balance was paid by a 529 fund and the payment arrived late, did you request your payment at least 2 weeks prior to the payment due date?  On your waiver request, please attached dated documentation showing when you requested the disbursement.

If your balance was paid via financial aid, a loan, etc, did you submit documentation to Financial Aid by their stated due dates?  Please attach proof of completion with Financial Aid, or if a private loan, dated confirmation of the loan approval.

If you submitted a Bursar Payment worksheet prior to the payment due date, did you also submit the calculated Out-of-pocket payment on-time?


Late Payment Fee Waiver Request Form  

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