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Getting to Know the Bursar's Office

Welcome Undergraduate

Thank you for visiting Lehigh University Bursar's website.  While most of our communications with you are going to be online, we know that our relationship with your parents/family members is crucial to our mission of helping you be successful during your time at Lehigh University.  We strive to provide useful information, delivered when and how you need it. 

The most important first steps to take to help us to better serve you are to have you sign up your parent/family member as an Authorized User. This is a one-time only task.

  • Log on to e-Bill (go.lehigh.edu/ebill).  Select Authorized Users from the My Profile Setup menu then select the Add Authorized Users tab. Add your parent/family member's email address and select Yes or No for the access you wish to grant. Note: You can add as many Authorized Users as you would like.


This authorization will allow members of our office to have free and open conversations on the phone, through email, or in person with those individuals authorized by you. Without this authorization, even for parents who may likely be the primary payers on the your account, federal law prohibits us from discussing any matters related to your account. We encourage you to make this a priority as soon as you are admitted to the University.

Your Authorized User will receive email notifications when a bill is available to view. They can even create and save a financial profile to make future payments that much simpler. At any time you and your authorized user(s) will have the ability to view charges and payments on your account. 

Navigating the Lehigh University Website

Our website is designed to help students and others to find useful information regarding tuition, billing, health insurance and due dates. You can browse the Tuition & Billing part of the website to find the latest on tuition and required fees, billing and due dates for each term. As always, if you have any questions along the way, you can write to us at bursar@lehigh.edu

An Important Note About Refunds

It is Lehigh University's policy that students with a credit balance that resulted from an overpayment are eligible to be refunded.

1) If the payment was from a check drawn on a domestic bank, there is a two week waiting period before a refund check will be issued.
2) Credit balances resulting from a loan, grant, scholarship and/or other forms of financial aid will be eligible for refund after the 10th day of class.
3) Students who drop below full time status and who are receiving financial aid must have their financial aid package re-evaluated by the Office of Financial Aid prior to the issuance of any refund check.

Academic fees (such as Technology Fee, Engineering and Applied Science Fee, course associated fees, etc.) are generally not refundable after the first day of class. 

Refunds are made to the student, unless a) the student has authorized, in writing, a third party to receive the refund, or b) the check payment on the account was from an unrelated third party, such as a sponsoring corporation.