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Semester Payment Plan

Four Payment Plan (4PP) 


Plan Description

Lehigh University's Four Payment Plan (4PP) is designed to allow undergraduate students to pay all or part of Lehigh's semester tuition, room and board in four equal monthly installments, rather than paying one lump sum at the beginning of each semester. 4PP Application can be downloaded from the forms page of our website.

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Application Deadline

The deadline to participate in the plan is July 1 (Fall) and December 1 (Spring). Applications will be accepted after the due dates, but any missed installments must be paid. Semester late payment charges may be applied for plans established after due dates. Please use the following guidelines when sending applications and payments after the due date:

Apply after:

# of Installments Due with Application Application Late Fee(s) Next Installment Due Date *
July 1 (Fall)
December 1 (Spring)
1 $75 August 1 (Fall)
January 2 (Spring)


Applications received after January 2nd for Spring semester and after August 1st for Fall semester are subject to a $200 late fee. 

If an application is received after July or December 1, the payment plan may not be reflected on the next invoice. Payment is still due on the first of the month per the payment plan agreement

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Application Fee

A non-refundable annual application fee of $50.00 is due with each payment plan application.

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Maximum Plan Amount

The maximum plan amount cannot exceed the University tuition, room, board and fees for an academic semester.

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Schedule of Installments

One fourth of the total payment plan amount is due the first business day of each month, per semester, beginning July 1 through October 1 (Fall); and December 1 through March 1 (Spring).

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Application of Plan Amount

Your tuition bill in July and December will show all the monthly payment plan amounts as charges, and the entire payment plan amount as a credit. This is done to balance the Bursar account with the addition of the 4PP.

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Finance Charge

There is no finance charge.

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During the second week of each month preceding an installment due date, a billing statement will be available online. Installments are due in the Bursar's Office no later than the first of each month.

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Late Payment Fee

Any monthly installment not paid by the first of the month due will be charged a $25 per month, per installment late payment fee.

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Returned Check Fee

A $35.00 fee will be charged for any check that is returned unpaid to Lehigh. Because replacement of a returned check usually results in a late installment, a late payment fee may also apply. The University reserves the right to require a certified check or money order on all installments from individuals who have previously remitted a check that was returned to our bank.

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If an installment is not received by the end of a calendar month in which it is due, the payment plan account may be canceled. The total remaining unpaid balance, including any late payment fees, will be transferred to the student's Bursar account and will be due immediately. This may result in the assessment of additional late payment fees by the University.

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