Semester Payment Plan

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Educational Payment Plan (formerly known as the 4PP) 

Enrollment in the educational payment plan is optional.  Only complete the payment plan enrollment if you want to break your semester billing into four equal payments.  


Plan Description

Lehigh University's Educational Payment Plan is designed to allow undergraduate students (and authorized users) to pay all or part of Lehigh's semester tuition, fees, room and board in four equal payments, rather than paying one lump sum at the beginning of the Fall or Spring semester. 

This plan is for current semester charges only. Students with past due balances are ineligible to participate. There is a $50 fee each semester you participate. Lehigh reserves the right to prohibit students from using this option in cases where there has been a history of delinquent payments. 

Starting with Fall 2023, Educational Payment Plan enrollment is completed in the eBill suite. From the top menu, select “Payment Plans”. All charges and credits on your account will be accounted for in your plan. NOTE: your first payment is due at time of plan set up.


Payment Plan Enrollment will be available in the eBill Suite after the semester bills have been generated (see our Payment Calendar for dates.)   Enrollment in the plan should be completed prior to the published semester due date.   If enrolling after the semester due date, the application fee will be $200.


Schedule of Payments

One fourth of the total payment plan amount must be paid as part of the plan enrollment process.

Plan dates
Payment Due Fall Semester Spring Semester
1 July, after semester bills are generated December, after semester bills are generated
2 August 1 January 2
3 September 1 February 1
4 October 1 March 1


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Late Payment Fee

Any monthly installment not paid by the stated due date will be charged a $25 per month, per installment late payment fee.

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Returned Check Fee

A $35.00 fee will be charged for any check that is returned unpaid to Lehigh. Because replacement of a returned check usually results in a late installment, a late payment fee may also apply. The University reserves the right to require guaranteed funds from individuals who have previously remitted a check that was returned to our bank.

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If an installment is not received by the end of a calendar month in which it is due, the payment plan may be canceled. The total remaining unpaid balance, including any late payment fees will be due immediately. This may result in the assessment of additional late payment fees by the University.

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