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The following email was sent to Undergradate students:


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Bursar's Office

Important Information from Lehigh University Office of the Bursar regarding Spring 2022

Dear Parent, Student or Family Member


Students: Please share this information with whomever is involved in paying your educational expenses.

Enclosed is information on important programs that have significant impact on "how much and when" your payments will be due to Lehigh University. Please read carefully as we’ve made important changes to convert to online transactions to be more efficient and “green friendly”. We will no longer be sending this information using the US Postal Service.  




·   Spring billing statements will be available online at: go.lehigh.edu/ebill beginning the week of December 13th. The spring semester due date is January 3rd unless you are participating in the payment plan (see below).

·   For parents and family members to access the online billing statement, your student must visit the e-Bill suite at: go.lehigh.edu/ebill to grant you access as an Authorized User by December 1st in order to receive your Spring Semester billing notification.

·   Authorized Users must have their own log in credentials. Authorized Users are not permitted to log in using the student’s user id and password.

·   Students and Authorized Users will be notified via email when a new billing statement is available to view.

·   e-Bill will provide access to all billing statements and current account activity 24/7. You also have the option to make payments online.

·   Please visit the Bursar Web Page at: financeadmin.lehigh.edu/bursar or phone our office at 610.758.3160 should you have any questions.



1. SPRING SEMESTER 4 PAYMENT PLAN (4PP): Application and 1st Payment due December 1st

Participation in the “4 Payment Plan” is optional.  The 4PP enables you to spread your semester's educational expenses over four equal monthly installments per semester. There is a $50 application fee to participate. Applications received after the December 1st deadline will be subject to the $75 or $200 fee. To participate, you must return a completed application along with your first installment payment by December 1st. The application is not considered received/complete until the 1st payment is received. The spring billing will not be available until the week of December 13th so the 4PP is an estimate for your spring expenses. The plan will automatically adjust the next installment if there is a discrepancy once the billing is generated and aid is applied.


The 4PP application, instructions for completing the application, a video tutorial and general information can be found at: https://financeadmin.lehigh.edu/content/semester-payment-plan. Should you choose not to participate in the optional 4PP, your balance for the spring semester will be due on January 3, 2022.


2. 529 Payments


When requesting your 529 payments, please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your 529 payments to process and for us to receive the payment by mail to avoid a $200.00 late fee. Please be sure to include the student’s name and LIN on the check.


3. Online Check Payments – post payment immediately or pre-schedule payment for future due date


Save a stamp! Avoid potential mail delays and expense of express mail delivery! Enjoy the convenience of paying online at “e-Bill Suite” (visit go.lehigh.edu/ebill). For a parent or family member to have this option, your student must first establish the parent or family member as an “Authorized User”. There are no fees for using this service.


4. Credit Cards Payments


Lehigh University is now offering an additional payment option. Credit Cards are now accepted as a form of payment. Please note: Credit Card payments are handled through PayPath, a tuition payment service. A non-refundable service fee will be added to your payment by the service provider. This service allows you to make real-time Credit or Debit card payments to your student account. PayPath accepts most major Credit/Debit cards for your convenience. A non-refundable PayPath service charge of 2.85% (minimum of $3.00) will be added to your card payment. Lehigh University does not receive any portion of this service charge. Lehigh also accepts ACH bank transfers outside of this service without charge.


5. International Students


Lehigh University has partnered with Flywire to offer our international students the ability to make international wire paymentsFlywire allows you to pay securely from almost any country and any bank, generally in your home currency. Please visit our website for more information: https://financeadmin.lehigh.edu/content/international-payments




Meal Plan changes are completed online by logging into Connect Lehigh connect.lehigh.edu or by visiting the Housing Services Web Page.  

· You are automatically assigned the meal plan you had during the fall 2021 semester. You may submit a change to your meal plan only if you plan to change or drop the meal plan you had during the fall semester.

 · Changes received after December 1st may not be effective by the time you return to campus. If the change results in additional unpaid charges to your account, it may cause delays in completion of your registration.



7. GoldPLUS ADDITIONS: Due December 1st for availability by start of classes

Students may request to open or add GoldPLUS dollars to their account online by logging into Connect Lehigh connect.lehigh.edu or by visiting the GoldPLUS web page.


Additional requests for GoldPLUS can be made throughout the year. Unused GoldPLUS dollars automatically roll over to the next semester for continuing students.



NOTE: Meal plan and/or GoldPLUS changes after December 1st may not be effective by the time you return to campus. If the meal plan/GoldPLUS change results in additional unpaid charges to your account, it may delay completion of your registration.



Reminder: Billing statements are paperless. Please be sure your student has set you up as an Authorized User by the December 1st deadline to receive your Spring Semester billing statement notification!


Additional information may be found at the Bursar’s Office website: financeadmin.lehigh.edu/bursar


We hope you find this information helpful in your financial planning for the semester.





Regina McCormick

Regina McCormick